Branxholme Gundogs

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Reddihough Day Hallrule                    Our top video still with over 65,000 views!
Check it out.... approx 2 minutes into video, to see the synchronised Labradors. 



'Novice Retriever Trial Reel 1'

The second most popular video is still 

 'The Novice Retriever Trial' 

at Mayshiel near Gifford in East Lothian.  I was the picker-up on the day and videographer. 

'Novice Retriever Trial Reel 2'


South Belton Syndicate 2019

Smeaton Keepers Day 2019

Colstoun January 2019

Smeaton Syndicate January 2019

South Belton Syndicate January 2018

Smeaton Syndicate January 2017

Smeaton December 2018  

Colstoun Estate January 2019 Reel 1

Colstoun Estate January 2019 Reel 2

High Birds at Branxholme

   Colstoun January 2020 x
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