Branxholme Gundogs

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Dog harnesses can be a great help if you have a big powerful mut that pulls you all over the place....especially if you're of slight stature yourself.

Tiny cockers with these ridiculous contraptions on is quite another matter.   If you're prepared to put up with these contraptions for the lifetime of your puppy then that's up to you of course but unless you are of the former mentioned then I would invest in a basic slip lead to see you till that end.

For the purposes of walking nicely to heal and to stop pulling then a slip lead will get the job done quite easily.   I guarantee after 10 minutes with me your walking experiences will take on a much more pleasurable half hour in your busy day.....after all you're supposed to look forward to these times rather than dread them!🙄

TRAINER TIP:  Ditch the harness. 





(save £££'s and  don't be tempted to buy one in the first place.....think of it like a £25 discount saving on your first gundog lesson !

Next comment will refer to trailing must feel like pulling a sack of potatoes for the little puppies I see in the park sometimes........the actual benefit however that these things can bring can be substituted with a simple apparatus that I can demonstrate to my students.