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As per the recent positive reinforcement initiative of the Gundog Club, I have now, from immediate effect, resigned my post as an accredited trainer within that organisation. I personally cannot accept that positive reinforcement is the way forward in any structured gundog training regime. If altering your tone of voice and giving a tug on the lead are considered to be be forceful then so be it!  Further information is available on the Gundog Club website here

In March 2018, the Trustees of the Gundog Club announced that as from September 2018 the Gundog Club would only accredit Force Free trainers.

This announcement has several implications. Right now, in the first half of 2018, the Club is in a state of transition. We have some trainers that have been confirmed as Force Free and others that are still going through a reaccreditation process.

The other implication is that we now, temporarily, have fewer instructors than we once had. We do have, however, a long list of excellent trainers waiting to join us and we will be progressing them through the process as soon as possible in order to restock our list of accredited instructors.

The Gundog Club has always insisted on ‘no harsh handling’ but the Trustees
have now decided that the Club should take the next step and move to a rule
that insists on its instructors training without any force at all.
By no force at all, we mean no:
• Intimidation (including body postures, body blocking, ‘stares’, growling, scolding, shouting)
• Physical manipulation (including lead jerks, lifting, pulling, pushing, tugs and tweaks)
• Striking (including nose taps, smacking, hitting, kicking)
• Sound aversives (including rattle bottles, pet correctors, or other forms of compressed air)
Please link to 'Resignation Letter' page for my view on this matter.