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The Magic Wand


It should be a criminal offence to take a dog out into an open space and not have a whistle on your offence punishable by death I hasten to say! .....and the death more than likely would be that of your dog.  A whistle, as quick as you can get it into your mouth to blow it, can stop your dog in an instant and thereby prevent it coming into danger.   A whistle, or stop whistle as it more commonly called, does just what 'it says on the tin'....stops your dog, however far away it might be , and commands his attention.  The dog, or puppy for that matter, on hearing the stop command should in an instant focus his attention on you to take in the next command desired of him, whether it is just to recall him or to give a directional command if he is finding a scent in a working environment. 

The stop command is one of only two commands that are necessary , the other being the recall command... more on that later.

Obviously you don't just stick the damn thing in your mouth and whistle a happy tune, like everything else there is a right way and a wrong way to use this wonderful piece of apparatus.  Even the way you blow into it can make a difference to the effect you may desire so there is more to it definitely than meets your eye after unwrapping it from its card cellophane.

And don't think it's only for serious dog handlers who are guiding their mut in a country environment whilst trying to locate game in a working scenario...


'The Magic Wand' £6.95 'The Magic Wand' £6.95

Your whistle will add a new dimension to your dog walks in more ways than you could possibly think of.  You'll need more than one as well...better to have one spare in the car, as well as one in your favourite dog walking attire, maybe by the poop bags,...and each of the dog walking personnel in the house needs one of their own obviously! I hear the cry of 'that's my dog whistle, get your hands off it'....'find your own'.......???


We have dog whistles here so you can acquire one at short notice if you can't lay your hand on one before your lesson....
they come in dozens of nice colours too....personally I go with the bright orange!  there's a reason needless to say for my colour preference !.....what do you think it is?