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Graham Humpage
17/11/23 09:45:22
What a difference an hour can make! Ollie, a Cocker spaniel, and our newest member of the family has been rehomed by us – this for the third time in his short six months of life. He's a clever dog and we quickly had him house trained and buddying with our black Labrador Finn, all in the six weeks since he arrived! Having lost our 13-year-old springer in the summer, it was a realisation that Ollie certainly ‘fitted’ however, whilst he is most definitely smart, certainly energetic he was evolving with some bad habits that needed addressing. Willing to learn, we turned to Alistair to train him (and ourselves) and after one lesson it is amazing to see the change in Ollie. Happy to please, responsive to the whistle and full of fun, Ollie (and us) We are certainly going to really benefit from Alistair’s wealth of knowledge. Seee you soon.
Joe Carmichael
15/11/23 22:23:33
Had a lesson today with my 1 year old Lab Lucy. Would recommend Alaster as a good trainer. Just wanted to know I wasn't doing anything wrong in the development of my young dog. Learned more in an hour than anything I'd previously picked up from the Internet in the last 3 months. Thanks. Joe
Alistair Mackay
15/11/23 11:30:34
test entry
Nicola Eadie
02/11/23 10:37:08
thank you Alistair for seeing us at short notice.
I can't believe the difference in Brogan after just the 1 hour's lesson with you. her lead walking has been transformed at a stroke... the hand and peep tip seems to have done the trick. Also she is much more attentive to my presence when off the lead during walks.. she doesn't tear off at 100pmph like she used to. All in all I would recommend Branxholme Gundogs to anyone who just wants a better experience with their beloved pooch.. Regards Nicola & Brogan (13 month cocker)
George Gunn
25/10/23 06:33:29
Thanks Alistair
Mabel and I had a great lesson. Highly recommended to anyone with a dog in need of training.
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