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John M
28/01/23 12:51:46
My two-year-old lab, Copper, is coming along nicely, but I needed some guidance regarding the next stage, with a hope to picking up and/or competing. Alistair was excellent in our first session - he assessed Copper over the course of the lesson, increasing the difficulty of the tasks gradually, and quickly found the areas that we need to work on. Copper and I are looking forward to our next session, having spent the last couple of weeks doing our homework. I was really impressed with Alistair’s knowledge and approach - I recommend him highly.
Andy Philips
02/01/23 12:28:39
hi again Alistair
great response to our lesson with Cara so far so thanks again.. Would i still qualify for your 3 lesson offer price even though I've already paid the first lesson? Keen to look further ahead with the training in the spring. Cheers Andy
Charlie Hasham
27/12/22 18:08:18
Hi Alistair
thanks for fitting me in at the last minute. Raleigh is responding to her new tasks already. She is staying closer to me rather than disappearing over the horizon at the earliest opportunity which is normal for her breed... I now realise that I wasn't engaging enough with her and she was becoming bored with me hence her not taking any notice of me. After 1 session she is already looking back to me for instruction.... magic.! Lets hope it continues and see you on the 23rd. Charleze
Alistair Mackay
27/12/22 09:04:45
hi folks, getting the new website up and running... the older guestbook entries are on the. 2022 page for the time being. Have a guid new year come the weekend and all the best for 2023.
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