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Nicola Eadie
02/11/23 10:37:08
thank you Alistair for seeing us at short notice.
I can't believe the difference in Brogan after just the 1 hour's lesson with you. her lead walking has been transformed at a stroke... the hand and peep tip seems to have done the trick. Also she is much more attentive to my presence when off the lead during walks.. she doesn't tear off at 100pmph like she used to. All in all I would recommend Branxholme Gundogs to anyone who just wants a better experience with their beloved pooch.. Regards Nicola & Brogan (13 month cocker)
George Gunn
25/10/23 06:33:29
Thanks Alistair
Mabel and I had a great lesson. Highly recommended to anyone with a dog in need of training.
Alistair Mackay
22/10/23 22:58:22
Oh thanks for your kind words Kirsteen... sorry I have been calling you Christine all this time.... need a new hearing aid maybe, ha.. , or get an ear trumpet possibly. ha ha. Ted was a treat... didn't I tell you.! Enjoy.
Kirsty Shields
22/10/23 22:44:37
We spent an hour with Alistair and it has transformed our lead walking and recall with Ted. We particularly appreciated that Alistair talked through our daily habits with us at length to understand our challenges. Ted has been a happier dog since. Thank you Alistair, we hope to be back for more fun soon.
Amy Sugden
19/10/23 21:28:03
Just wanted to say quick thanks for continuing the lesson today Alistair... must have both been mad to think it could possibly work but it did.. thanks to your 'estate'!.. plenty of shielded spots out of the wind and rain made it a do'er in the end. As you quite rightly said, training a dog in that weather is 10 times more difficult than it would normally be, but then again how easy it then becomes when the weather is good. Hope the next 2 lessons in the course are blessed with good days. Regards Amy & Flash
Clare Ciusin
19/10/23 09:30:38
thanks Alistair for all your tips. Already looking forward to next lesson. Morph is really stimulated with the new regime you suggested. hopefully he will be picking up or beating by the end of the season like you said. The whistle is the magic tool that you promised it would be. See you in 3 weeks. Clare.
Alan Crozier
22/09/23 11:02:08
Just want to say thanks to Alistair for a very productive lesson yesterday. Archie, my 9 month old cocker is a different dog today! Alistair gave me loads of tips but none were better than his 3 best... No 1, Be Steady, do nothing. No 2, Be Steady, do nothing and No 3, Be Steady, do nothing. Simple. The change in 1 day is unbelievable.
Archie might make a gundog yet.!
Alan Crozier
Nick Aitken
19/09/23 13:19:59
I heard about Alistair through a word of mouth recommendation and contacted him through his website. I explained my dog, Finn wasn't a gun dog breed but an energetic and easily distracted 9 month old Border Collie. After a chat on the phone we arranged a one hour lesson.

Alistair clearly demonstrated some techniques and strategies to hold Finns attention. We also worked on his walking to heel. By the end of the lesson I could see a marked improvement in Finns focus and I believe I now have a solid foundation to build on as I work with Finn over the coming months. Thanks Alistair!
Carol Chalmers
12/05/23 20:18:26
I have a 4.5 month cross working Labrador/ working Spaniel. I have not had a large breed before and I really wanted some advice/guidance re heel training, recall and other issues. Alistair was so helpful and demonstrated using himself with Callie and then with my daughter and I. I feel he offered strategies for us to implement and repeat constantly. Alistair clearly has a wealth of experience which I feel we really benefitted from. This was a one off session but I would have no hesitation in going back to Alistair if I need more support in the future.
Thanks Alistair your input was so appreciated!
Alistair Mackay
10/05/23 20:07:24
Had the pleasure of instructing Carol and her daughter with Caley their 5 month Lab Spaniel cross. What a wee smasher she is and she was a treat to train. In no time she was sitting patiently and focusing on me with baited breath! Doing NOTHING... Remember Carol..... eye contact and her knowing that something good is about to happen will make for a better connection between you both. Talking to her to keep her attention certainly helped and wasn't she so motivated with my hand when walking to heel! Hope you wrote everything down when you got home... must remember to set alarm clock next time... at least half hour over time ha ha
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