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The Gundog Club 

Registered No 060507

In my capacity as a Gundog Club Trainer and Assessor you have the opportunity to  take advantage of our superb training facilities right here at The Firs in the  beautiful Scottish Borders.  Contact us to discuss your training requirements, whether it be just the one session or a course of three or four.  Possibily you may want to book a group session with your friends.  Fees are £25 per hour on a one to one basis (partners are welcome to attend the lessons) and for group sessions a  discounted rate is available.

Click above on Rigg & Isla to link to the Gundog Club website

Next Gundog Club course starts Saturday 10th April 10.00am at The Firs.

.........Contact The Gundog Club direct.......Hurry....only 1 place left!.......

At Branxholme Gundogs we train the handler to train the dog!

What's next Boss!............................Rhea and her mum Cola at Scremerston

Gundogs have worked as hunting companions in the field for centuries. Today they fill a wider range of roles and the majority live out simple lives as family pets. However, traditional gundog training still has much to offer to both dog and owner. Gundog training can help channel your dog's natural instincts and desires into a useful and exciting activity. It develops teamwork between you and your dog, and helps you to create a happy and obedient companion. The Gundog Club's logical step-by-step training and awards system takes the mystery out of gundog training.

The Gundog Club will help you channel your dog’s natural desires and talents into a useful and exciting activity……......Could you train a gundog?